The Origins of Stone Orchard Software

The system that eventually became Stone Orchard Software began as an accident.

Back in the early days of cemetery software, Ken Sr. was a professor of Computer Studies. Neighbours, who ran a cemetery, asked for help to purchase a computer and software to help with managing their cemetery records. An extensive search turned up no reasonable solutions that considered the unique needs of cemetery management. So, Ken Sr. wrote a program for them to use.

As other cemetery managers came to visit, they saw the software in action. Frequently, they asked for copies of the software for their own use. After a year or so, it became clear that there was a genuine need for software to truly suit the needs of cemeteries. After surveying over 100 cemetery managers and owners and incorporating their input into the design, Stone Orchard Software launched its first commercial version in 1996.

Stone Orchard Software Strives for Continuous Improvement, Never Forgetting Its Origins

Although Ken Sr. has since retired, Stone Orchard has continued to develop software solutions based on the distinct needs of Cemeteries, Crematoriums, and Funeral homes. Under the direction of Ken Munday, Stone Orchard Software is developed to suit the needs of all Cemeteries, Crematoriums, and Funeral homes to meet their needs effectively including consideration of different sizes and budgets.

In 2010, Stone Orchard released new software, completely redesigned and rewritten, using the latest programming techniques, and taking advantage of the latest computer hardware.

Stone Orchard Software is growing rapidly by providing premier record management solutions to Cemeteries, Crematoriums, and Funeral Homes around the world, never forgetting its origins. Stone Orchard continues to focus on developing the best software possible to meet the unique needs of the profession and complying with government legislation and regulations.

From a hobby for one person, Stone Orchard has developed into an organization serving over 550 Cemeteries, Crematoriums, and Funeral Homes around the world trusting us with the memories they protect. We are proud of our software, passionate about the preservation of Cemetery, Crematorium, and Funeral Home records, and strive to assist with the efficient and effective management of Cemeteries, Crematoriums, and Funeral homes world-wide.

The History of “The Stone Orchard”

In the days of the pioneers in Canada, as in Australia and the United States, settlers were often far from each other. It may have been many miles to a community with a church and cemetery. When family members died, they were frequently buried in a corner of the family farm, which became known in some places as “The Stone Orchard”.

Many old family burial plots still exist, and the name “Stone Orchard Software” was chosen to pay tribute to these early pioneers who built our world.

To find out more about how Stone Orchard Software is designed with the distinct needs of Cemeteries, Crematoriums and Funeral Homes, contact Stone Orchard Software today.