Self Serve Options for your Cemetery

Self Serve Options for your Cemetery

By Kerry Munday

Two Self-Serve Options from Stone Orchard Software

Stone Orchard Software has two self-serve options for families searching for their loved ones:our Kiosk Cemetery Software Component and iCemetery App. Not only are both options impressive to families, they also save your staff time by allowing families to perform their own searches.

Kiosk Cemetery Software Component

The Kiosk Cemetery Software Component was first introduced in 2003 in our Estates version, and is still available in our current software. Over the years, many cemeteries have used this component so that families can search for their loved ones using a touch screen that links directly to our software. If you have our Mapping Component, families can view where their loved ones are interred, and memorial screens can also be created! Search fields are determined by the cemetery, to ensure privacy is respected. Some cemeteries have purchased kiosks in order to display the screen, while others display a touch screen in their office. Outdoor kiosks are also an option, so that families can use them outside of normal business hours.

iCemetery App

The iCemetery App is a newer development, released in 2012. The smartphone app is available for both iPhones and Android phones, and is free to download for the public. As with the Kiosk Cemetery Software Component, families can search for information regarding their loved ones, as predetermined by the cemetery. Data can be exported from the Stone Orchard database using our iCemetery report in order to update the app, and it is accessible to the public at all times. If you have our GIS Mapping Component, families can view a map showing where their loved ones are interred. The app will also locate where the family is within the cemetery, so that they can easily navigate to the interment site.

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