StarDyne Technologies Acquires Stone Orchard Software

Kelowna BC, Canada December 14, 2015 – StarDyne Technologies Inc. is pleased to announce the acquisition of Stone Orchard Software Inc., a leading provider of Cemetery, Crematorium and Funeral Home software and services. Stone Orchard has been a leader in the industry for 20 years and currently supports over 550 cemeteries and funeral homes in Canada, the U.S. and Australia. Stone Orchard is headquartered in Newmarket, Ontario.

Stone Orchard produces premium software designed to make their customers’ operations more efficient by simplifying the tasks of records storage, retrieval and update. Stone Orchard has become an industry leader as the result of many years of planning, design, development and dedication to providing outstanding customer service.

Chief Operating Officer, Government and Enterprise Management Division of StarDyne, Paul Francis commented, “We are delighted to have Stone Orchard join the StarDyne Group of Companies. This acquisition is aligned with our strategy to grow both organically and by acquisition and to provide our customers with a wide choice of industry leading solutions”. Ken Munday, the owner of Stone Orchard noted, “Joining StarDyne provides us with additional resources and expertise in related areas that will help extend and expand our competitive position and accelerate our growth plans.”

About StarDyne Technologies Inc.

StarDyne is a technology company focused primarily on the local government and education areas of the public sector, providing strategic leadership with a long-term investment perspective to support our companies. StarDyne offers, through its group companies, alternative or complementary software solutions to satisfy customer requirements. A growth-driven company, StarDyne has invested substantially in its companies through product development, market expansion and acquisitions. The StarDyne Group serves over 1,700 customers in its Government and Enterprise Management Solutions Division and over 400 school districts (private and public), comprising approximately 8,000 schools, serving nearly 3 million K-12 students in its Education Solutions Division. Further information about StarDyne may be found on its website at

Brad Imrich, President

About Stone Orchard Software Inc.

Stone Orchard Software provides specialized software and services for cemeteries, crematoriums and funeral homes to help these organizations run their operations more effectively. Stone Orchard not only provides quality software, but a wide variety of services to make the installation, customization, delivery, maintenance and support of its software an effortless and enjoyable experience. For more information, please visit

Ken Munday, Director of Operations