Stone Orchard Software Inc. and Cemetery360 Inc. Partner to Offer Exciting Mapping Enhancements

Stone Orchard Software Inc. and Cemetery360 Inc. Partner to Offer Exciting Mapping Enhancements

By Kerry Munday

New Partnership

Stone Orchard Software is pleased to announce that we have recently partnered with Cemetery360 Inc., enabling us to offer current and future cemetery clients exciting enhancements to our current mapping options.

Stone Orchard was the first Cemetery Software to link your on screen maps directly to your data, and we strive to continue to offer the latest technology that cemeteries can leverage to connect with families and the public. For several years we have offered GIS mapping, as well as our Legacy maps, which are picture representations of your already existing maps.

This recent partnership with Cemetery360 Inc. is allowing us to offer two exciting new services, which can be used with Stone Orchard’s maps, and can be added to your website as a sales and marketing feature.


Cemetery360 offers public facing, mobile-first technology solutions, along with interactive consumer tools, giving consumers better accessibility and choices around industry product and services.  The technology allows users to enter a ground-level 360 view of a cemetery located anywhere, explore existing and available internet sites and connect with cemeteries through a life-like 360-degree immersive experience.

Cemetery360 also provides the profession a way to promote their business and services remotely, during in-home presentations, and year-round where weather conditions restrict in-person visits.

Cemetery360 links imagery directly to GPS locations and provides a 360 degree view of your cemetery. This can be done every 3-5 feet to capture the entire cemetery, or you can select points of interest within the cemetery to highlight features and available inventory. You can even capture 360 degree views of indoor and multi-level structures.

Cemetery360 offers a Cemetery Listing Service (CemLS) to showcase available plots. CemLS links a global identification number to specific plot listings and is fully integrated with and Stone Orchard Software. The CemLS offers a public facing interactive experience for consumers to connect, learn, and educate themselves about cemetery services through modern day technology. The online interactive map allows cemeteries to publish property listing pages where they can showcase inventory and generate additional online leads.

Stone Orchard Software is excited to be collaborating with Jimmy Pinocchio, CEO and Founder of Cemetery360 Inc., and will be releasing more details on both of these innovative options soon.

If you would like to inquire on either of these options, please call us at (800) 932-3388 or contact us at