Cemetery Mapping

Reduce staff time and errors by having an automatically updated, accurate, up-to-date picture of your cemetery at all times

With the Mapping Component, you can improve your cemetery management by:

  • Giving your staff an at-a-glance, colour-coded view of the entire cemetery to see the status of all sites
  • Keeping an up-to-date visual account of your cemetery which immediately reflects transactions as they are completed
  • Making it easy to search, find and print cemetery mapping to help your staff and the public quickly and easily find the sites
  • Providing legends, layers, pop-up balloons and colour scheme
  • Linking  mapping directly to your cemetery records which allows your staff to move seamlessly between maps and records
  • Reduce errors by no longer relying on manually updated hard copy maps

With the cemetery mapping component, no extra training is needed as navigating the cemetery mapping is intuitive and the application is completely self-sufficient.

Two accurate and automatically updated mapping component options are available to suit your specific cemetery’s needs:

  • Legacy  mapping provides an affordable, easy to read computerized mapping option
  • GIS maps can be overlaid on an aerial photo and are able to display an image of the Monument. The GIS mapping option has a very professional look and can be linked to a website