Crematorium Software

Crematorium Software to Help Enable 100% Compliance with Government Legislation and Crematorium Regulations

Improve your crematorium records management with the right software

When managing a crematorium, the right software management system can help you:

  • Significantly reduce errors by recording and maintaining accurate and accessible crematorium records
  • Save staff time with automatic printing of customizable crematorium documentation like cremation certificates, mailing labels, envelopes and cremation receipts
  • Facilitate compliance with government crematorium legislation by recording, storing and easily accessing all the required information and customizing documents to meet your local crematorium regulations
  • Reduce administration time by producing numerous crematorium management reports quickly and easily
  • Link to documents in digital formats (image files, .doc, .pdf etc.) including contracts

Stone Orchard’s crematorium software is ideal for all sizes of crematoriums to help improve crematorium management. Stone Orchard’s crematorium software includes “the core” which can be used alone or expanded by adding additional components to suit your needs. All components are fully-integrated with each other, providing a single program to manage all of your crematorium records management needs in one place.

Stone Orchard’s crematorium software also allows for seamless integration to other business Components such as Cemeteries and Funeral Homes.