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Cemetery Mapping Feature Easy and Detailed

The Masonic Cemetery Association of B. C. has been a client and friend of Stone Orchard Software since 2001 when they were relatively new out west. We first discussed their program in 1997 at the annual Cemetery and Crematorium Association convention in Vancouver, however at that point the program they had developed for cemeteries did not fit our needs.

When the Manor Edition was introduced, we found that program met with our requirements and we came on board. We have had great success with the Manor Edition and the updated versions. The latest version operates with ease and simplicity. The cemetery mapping is easy to read and details pertaining to interments and rights holders are easy to document and retrieve.

Since our initial dealings with Stone Orchard and the owners, we have found to be helpful, cheerful and quick to respond to inquiries and changes (particularly in the area of mapping), as required. We have no hesitation in recommending Stone Orchard Software and its programs to future customers and we are most pleased to be a client of the company and its principles.

Terry A. Staley
FICB, Secretary-Manager
Masonic Cemetery Association of B.C.

Cemetery Software for Any Cemetery Operation

Barrie Union Cemetery is a medium sized cemetery of 28 acres, here in the city of Barrie, Ontario. The cemetery opened in 1879, and currently has in excess of 40,000 interments. Since Barrie is the fastest-growing city in Canada (200% growth rate over the last 10 years), Barrie Union has also experienced similar expansion in services.

Here at Barrie Union, we have been using Stone Orchard Software since the original release. Over the years, we have seen Stone Orchard grow, and in our capacity as members of the OACFP, have talked with many of their other users. We have never heard of a cemetery operation their cemetery software did not handle efficiently, and have only praise for their prompt and personal service.

William Armstrong
Barrie Union Cemetery

Cemetery Software to Make Running a Cemetery Profitable

By using Stone Orchard cemetery software, we look forward to turning our cemeteries from a revenue negative operation to a revenue positive venture.

I have found the staff at Stone Orchard Software to be friendly, energetic, and approachable people. They have skilfully answered any questions that we have put forth to them and handled any problems that we encountered in our current development and implementation in a timely fashion

Conor E. C. Brennan
Application Support Co-ordinator
Information Systems Division
Haldimand County

Stone Orchard Cemetery Software – A Wonderful Tool

The historic cemetery of Church of St. Jude (Wexford) is located just west of Victoria Park Avenue and three blocks south of Lawrence Avenue in Toronto. It dates back to 1848 when the land was donated by the Parkin family. Their monument is close to the front door of the picturesque chapel which still survives.

The Cemetery Board voted to adopt Stone Orchard cemetery software in October of 2011 and it was delivered soon after. The data entry began right away. Since the cremation interments are most recent, we decided to enter them first. The information is presently recorded on file cards. Once we started we realized just how much of our history we could record so…out came old maps, indenture (deed) records, death certificates, cremation certificates and funeral registers. We realized that the monuments themselves have information that is ‘recorded in stone’ that is not found elsewhere, e.g., birth dates and maiden names. Now we are in the process of photographing all the monuments so we can link the photos to our data base.

Several parishioners were trained to do the data entry for the cremation interments. Then we got into recording older full casket interments and found that often we felt like detectives. Record keeping in the past was not always evenly done so it has turned out to be a fascinating challenge. I happen to be an amateur genealogist and find that using Stone Orchard cemetery software parallels the use of genealogical software. We are recording the history of the St. Jude’s family and Stone Orchard has given us the right tools with which to do it.

Already we can go to our database and do a search for a family name and quickly find specific graves and then easily click to the data for either and individual or family. Once you get the hang of it, the program is intuitive and ultimately easy to use.

Ken Drope
Chairman, Cemetery Board
St. Jude (Wexford) Cemetery

Cemetery Software Evolves based on User Input

Working with the Stone Orchard support team over the last 5 years has been effortless. Their timely response and knowledge has always found a solution for us. When we purchased Stone Orchard cemetery software, we were impressed with the direction the company and programs were taking and that the future direction of the programs was based on actual user input. We chose to make the Estates version of Stone Orchard Software our cemetery management software for what it does now and for what the program will offer in the future.

Debbie Sproule City of Surrey BC